● Write an essay on the given TOPIC.
● Use TWO of the POINTS below to support your answer.
● Structure: Introduction, main body, and conclusion
● Suggested length: 120–150 words

― 転職は有利? ―

2021年10月実施 英検準1級

Is it beneficial for workers to change jobs often?

● Career goals(仕事上の目標)
● Motivation(やる気)
● The economy(経済)
● Working conditions(労働条件)

― 解答例 ―

Workers can benefit from changing jobs regularly in terms of motivation and working conditions.

Humans tend to get tired of things easily. Love is a case in point. Actually, many people fall in and out of love quickly. The same is true of jobs. In most cases, people working in the same companies end up losing interest in their jobs within a short period of time and just doing their work on autopilot. Thus, we need to change jobs often.

Not every company is a good standing company. Unfortunately, there exist not a few exploitative enterprises that force their employees to work long hours without extra pay. Switching jobs protects such employees from getting destroyed physically and mentally.

Unfortunately, in the current society we live in, lifetime employment is no longer guaranteed. Now that companies are disloyal to their employees, workers do not need to have loyalty to their companies.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― 解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I think it is beneficial for workers to change jobs often. I have two reasons why I think so.

First, working conditions vary from company to company. Possibly, you may start to work at an evil company that makes you work for long hours every day but do not pay for overtime. By changing jobs, you can escape being exploited by such an exploitative company.

Second, it is difficult for anyone to maintain motivation for work. If you keep working at the same company for many years, you will end up doing your work on autopilot. Changing jobs makes it possible for you to work with a fresh mind.

For these reasons, I think workers should often change their jobs.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 大企業は社会にとって好影響か? ―

2021年5月実施 英検準1級

Agree or Disagree: Big companies have a positive effect on society

● Products(製品)
● The economy(経済)
● The environment(環境)
● Work-life balance(ワーク・ライフ・バランス)


― 解答例 ―

I agree with this opinion for the following reasons: the economy and the environment.

Large companies contribute not only to the creation of employment but also to the increase in tax revenue. Both are essential for society to function peaceably.

These days, more and more big companies are making efforts to raise their corporate image. For example, TV commercials of an oil company do not show their products but instead beautiful natural landscapes, such as mountains and forests, accompanied by healing musical pieces and meaningful messages. Whenever I see the oil company’s TV commercials, I find myself relaxed and notice my heart getting filled with tenderness, as the advertising slogan of the company says, “We’ll fill up your heart as well as your vehicle’s gas tank.” I feel such kinds of commercials help raise our awareness of the environmental preservation.

Therefore, big corporations bring economic and environmental benefits to society.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― 解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I agree that big companies have a positive effect on society. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First of all, big companies pay their employees high salaries and offer them benefits, such as paid time off, health insurance and retirement plans. Some large companies are said to offer their employees free lunches. This shows that large companies offer a better work-life balance than small and medium enterprises.

Secondly, big companies create jobs in various regions worldwide. Thanks to large corporations, developing countries are given an opportunity to grow their economies. Large companies play a role in supporting the lives of a lot of people.

For these reasons, I agree that big companies have a positive effect on society.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― ベジタリアンになるべきか? ―

2021年1月実施 英検準1級

Agree or Disagree: More people should become vegetarians in the future

● Animal rights(動物の権利)
● Cost(費用)
● Environment(環境)
● Health(健康)


― 解答例 ―

I disagree with the idea.

Firstly, being a vegetarian costs much money because vegetables are not cheap. Also, most vegetables are filled with chemicals. Of course, there is an option to purchase organic vegetables, but such vegetables are much more expensive than non-organic ones. People on low incomes cannot afford such products. Choosing to live a vegetarian life is just a hobby for rich people.

Secondly, a vegetarian diet is not necessarily healthy. According to a follow-up survey, vegetarians are less likely to have heart attacks, but they are more likely to have strokes.

During World War II, most Japanese lived on brown rice and vegetables. In a sense, they were what is now called vegans. However, the average life expectancy at that time was 50s. Ordinary people could begin eating meat after the war, and their longevity increased to 70 years in 1980s. I’ll eat meat to live long!(150語)

― 大意 ―





― 解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I agree with the idea that more people should become vegetarians in the future. I have two reasons why I think so.

Firstly, eating vegetables is good for your health. This is because they have a lot of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients you need to stay fit. On the other hand, eating meat is not good for your health because some meat contains lots of fat, which is linked to heart disease risk.

Secondly, if you stop eating meat, you can contribute to saving the environment. This is because, currently, large areas of tropical rainforests are being cleared in order to raise animals for food.

For these reasons, I agree that more people should become vegetarians in the future.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 公共の安全のためにもっと取り組みが必要か? ―

2020年10月実施 英検準1級

Agree or disagree: More needs to be done to improve public safety

● Accidents(事故)
● Crime(犯罪)
● Food(食料)
● Technology(テクノロジー)

― 解答例 ―

I could not agree with the idea more.

The justice system is too easy on juvenile offenders. Sentences for heinous crimes committed by minors are unduly lenient, throwing the families of victims into an abyss of despair. Certainly, minors who have committed petty crimes should be given a chance to be rehabilitated, but those who have committed atrocious crimes should be held accountable for their actions regardless of age. The juvenile law no longer meets the needs of the times. On the contrary, it threatens public safety in a sense. It should be abolished.

A large number of people are injured or killed in traffic accidents every year, and on top of that, road rage has become more common these days. To save lives on the roads, traffic penalties should be tougher.

Public safety affects education, economic growth and various aspects of everyone’s lives. It cannot be enhanced too much.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― 解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I agree that more needs to be done to improve public safety. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First, many people are injured or killed in traffic accidents every year. The majority of traffic accidents are caused by drivers and motorists breaking the traffic law. To protect as many people as possible from traffic accidents, penalties for those who break traffic laws should be stiffer.

Second, food safety has been a major issue in recent years. Food is essential for humans to live and we cannot lead healthy lives without safe food. Ensuring further food safety could lead to improving the public safety.

For these reasons, I think that more needs to be done to improve public safety.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 地方自治体は観光施設を作るべきか? ―

2020年7月実施 英検準1級

Is it a good idea for local government to build tourist sites, such as theme parks and museums?

● Construction costs(建設費用)
● Effect on local people(地元住民への影響)
● Spending by visitors(観光客による消費)
● The environment(環境)

― 解答例 ―

Tourism certainly helps stimulate regional economies, but I do not think building tourist sites, such as theme parks and museums, is a good idea for the following reasons.

First, construction costs for such facilities are huge. They could be a great financial burden on local governments. What if the number of visitors is much lower than expected? It would be like putting the cart before the horse if the governments became unable to maintain public facilities and services for their citizens due to the burden.

Second, negative environmental impacts cannot be avoided. Theme parks and museums attract a large number of visitors, to be sure, but not all visitors behave in a decent manner. Some ill-mannered people will damage the environment by throwing away garbage.

For these reasons, I disagree with the idea. Rural areas tend to have more delinquent youths. Some facilities may end up being magnets for them.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― 解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I think it is a good idea for local government to build tourist sites, such as theme parks and museums. I have two reasons.

First, tourist sites attract a lot of people from within and outside the country. Visitors spend much money on local businesses, such as restaurants and hotels, so these facilities can increase their profits. That means the tax income of local governments rises.

Second, tourist sites have positive effects on people living in neighborhoods. This is because newly built tourist sites create a lot of new jobs and help reduce unemployment in rural areas.

For these reasons, I think it is a good idea for local government to build tourist sites, such as theme parks and museums.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 労働環境を改善すべきか? ―

2020年1月実施 英検準1級

Do companies need to improve the way they treat their workers?

● Health(健康)
● Male-female equality(男女平等)
● Salaries(給料)
● Work-life balance(仕事と生活の調和)


― 解答例 ―

Yes, they do.

Many companies still hire temporary workers as a way to lower labor costs. That means many people are still forced to live paycheck to paycheck. Such companies should take to heart that economic hardships are the main cause of declining birth rates. In fact, most temporary employees have a much lower rate of getting married and having children. Instead of paying exorbitant salaries to executives, companies should pay decent salaries to such workers and raise the standard of their living.

There has remained a culture to see working long hours as a virtue. Therefore, many employees feel pressure to work long hours to advance their careers. Companies have to change such a bad culture to protect health of their employees.

I believe fostering an environment where all employees can continue to work happily and healthily is also one of the most important jobs that companies’ executives have.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― 解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I think that companies need to improve the way they treat their workers. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First of all, there are many temporary workers in companies. Most temporary workers are not paid enough money to get married and have a family. As a result, the birthrate has kept declining. Companies should increase salaries for temporary workers.

Second, there are still inequalities between male and female workers. For example, female workers have fewer opportunities for promotion than male workers. Such inequalities between the sexes should be removed as soon as possible if companies want to get really talented employees.

For these reasons mentioned above, I think companies need to improve the way they treat their workers.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 日本の高校教育は改善が必要? ―

2019年10月実施 英検準1級

Agree or disagree: High school education in Japan needs to be improved

● Curriculum(カリキュラム)
● Globalizationグローバル化)
● Pressure on students生徒へのプレッシャー)
● Quality of teaching(授業の質)


― 解答例 ―

I agree with the idea.

In order to live in a global society, today’s high schoolers have no choice but to be global citizens whether they like it or not. Acquiring the ability to communicate in English, both in speaking and in writing, is a must. Therefore, English classes need to focus on assisting students to develop speaking and writing skills.

In today’s society, financial literacy is a must-have skill for every person. However, the current curriculum in schools does not help their students acquire the skill. In order to prevent ex-students from struggling financially in the future, schools should adopted a curriculum that teaches students how to effectively utilize assets and how to get out of poverty.

Globalization is immoral as it makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. Educators should bear in mind that whether students will be the former or the latter rests on their shoulders.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― 解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I agree that high school education in Japan needs to be improved. I have two reasons.

First, globalization is spreading everywhere. Actually, we have seen more and more foreigners not only in big cities but also in rural areas. In order to communicate with foreigners, we need to speak a common language—English. So high schools should provide more oral English lessons.

Second, study pressure on students should be relieved. Most high school students feel stress as they have to take many examinations. High schools should decrease the number of exams students have to take. They need to have more time spend with their family and friends.

For these reasons, I think high school education in Japan needs to be improved.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 日本人はもっと輸入製品を買うようになるのか? ―

2019年6月実施 英検準1級

Do you think that Japanese consumers will buy more imported products in the future?

● Globalization(グローバル化)
● Government policies(政策)
● Price(価格)
● Quality(品質)

*Yes の立場で、「グローバル化」の流れと「価格競争」が消費者にもたらすメリットを述べるのが王道だと思います。しかし、ここではあえて“非グローバル”的に、国内事情のみに着目しました。

― 解答例 ―

I think Japanese consumers will buy more imported products than domestic ones in the future.

First of all, domestic brands are expensive. Today, one in three workers in Japan is a non-regular employee, and the wage gap between regular and non-regular employees is widening. The unfortunate latter group will have no choice but to buy cheap imported products to make both ends meet.

The so-called “made-in-Japan quality” has long been supported by domestic small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). However, today, the number of these companies has been decreasing because of such problems as a shortage of successors. It will be a matter of time before the quality of made-in-Japan products deteriorates and loses market value.

If the wage gap nationwide is eliminated, or if the decline in the number of domestic SMEs is stopped, then Japanese people can continue purchasing domestic products. However, neither of them seems likely to occur.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― 解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I think that Japanese consumers will buy more imported products in the future. I have two reasons.

First of all, imported products are usually cheaper than those made in Japan. As you know, the price of imported beef is much lower than that of domestic beef. By buying imported products, Japanese consumers can save up money.

Certainly, a decade ago the quality of imported products was lower than that of domestic products. But now, the quality of imported products is getting better and better. It will be only a matter of time before many Japanese consumers are attracted to imported products.

For these reasons I mentioned above, I think that Japanese consumers will buy more imported products in the future.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 外国人労働者をもっと受け入れるべき? ―

2019年1月実施 英検準1級

Agree or disagree: Japanese companies should hire more foreign workers

● Aging population(高齢化)
● Costs(費用)
● Cultural differences(文化的相違)
● Globalization(グローバル化)

― 解答例 ―

Admitting that Japan is facing a labor shortage due to an aging population and declining birth rates, I disagree with the opinion.

Allowing the free movement of labor means accepting globalization wholeheartedly. Globalization is immoral—it is only a system by which the rich nations exploit the poor ones. As a country of the highest morals, Japan should not dirty its hands.

There still remain many promising workers in Japan. Needless to say, their mother tongue is Japanese. Not needing to worry about the language barrier and cultural differences, they can hit the ground running.

Many Japanese companies are reluctant to hire domestic workers just because their labor costs are higher than those of foreign workers. At the same time, however, such firms say, “A labor shortage is developing, so foreign workers are a must for maintaining our work forces!” They are just saying things that are convenient to them.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― ボーダー解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I agree with the opinion that Japanese companies should hire more foreign workers. I have two reasons why I think so.

First, the population in Japan is aging and its birth rate is decreasing. As a result, the working population in this country is declining and many domestic companies are suffering from labor shortage. Foreign workers are a must in order to maintain our work forces.

Second, their labor costs are lower than those of Japanese workers. Labor costs are usually the most expensive part of running any business. By hiring many foreign workers, Japanese companies can reduce their labor costs.

For these reasons I mentioned above, I agree with the opinion that Japanese companies should hire more foreign workers.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 史跡を守るべきか? ―

2018年10月実施 英検準1級

Should Japan do more to protect its historic sites?

● Cost(費用)
● Development(開発)
● Education(教育)
● Tourism(観光事業)


― 解答例 ―

I do not think it is important that Japan protect its historic sites.

To begin with, it is extremely expensive to preserve historic sites. Japan has faced long-term economic stagnation and the number of the so-called working poor has been over 10 million for years. As you know, the large number of the working poor means the large number of people bearing grudges against society. Our taxes should be used to help such people live hopeful lives, because as an old saying goes, “Fine manners need a full stomach.”

Certainly, historic sites in Japan are attracting tourists from around the world, creating huge benefits for the tourism industry. However, popular tourist destinations also attract ill-mannered people. Preserving historic sites and making them attractive will end up causing an increase in the number of troubles caused by unthinking visitors.

For these reasons, Japan need not protect its historic sites any more.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― ボーダー解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I think Japan should do more to protect its historic sites. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First, historic sites are educational tools for schools. They can give their students an opportunity to see history with their own eyes, which makes learning history a lot of fun and helps students get interested in history. Protecting historic sites leads to developing future historians.

Second, historic sites attract tourists from around the world. This brings a lot of money both to the tourism industry and to local people. Japan should make the most of its historic sites as a way to boost economies.

For these reasons I mentioned above, I think Japan should do more to protect its historic sites.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 動物園の是非 ―

2018年6月実施 英検準1級

Is it acceptable to keep animals in zoos?

● Animal rights(動物の権利)
● Educational value(教育的価値)
● Endangered species(絶滅危慎種)
● Living conditions(生活環境)


― 解答例 ―

Some people say that keeping animals in zoos can be justified because it has educational value and contributes to preventing endangered animals from going extinct. However, I disagree with them for the following reasons.

First, zoos give priority to being a form of entertainment rather than being a source of education. Most zoos house only the kinds of animals that can attract large numbers of people, not those that should be learned about. This is because zoos have to make a profit to stay in business. What visitors see in zoos is nothing but what is happening in an imaginary world created by zoos for entertainment purposes.

Second, zoos keep just a very few members of endangered species. That means their offspring would have no choice but to mate with close relatives. Needless to say, inbreeding leads to birth defects.

For these reasons, keeping animals in zoos is not acceptable.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― ボーダー解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I think it is acceptable to keep animals in zoos. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First, keeping animals in zoos has educational value. It gives visitors a chance to see various animals with their own eyes. Most people would only be able to see such animals on TV or in pictures if it were not for zoos.

Second, zoos contribute to preventing endangered animals from dying out. Animals in zoos do not have to worry about food and are given medical treatment if needed. It goes without saying that, without zoos, many endangered species around the world would already be extinct.

For these reasons I mentioned above, I think it is acceptable to keep animals in zoos.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― いつか人類は他の惑星に住むのか? ―

2018年1月実施 英検準1級

Will humans live on other planets someday?

● Cost(費用)
● Dangers(危険性)
● Situation on Earth(地球の情勢)
● Technology(テクノロジー)


― 解答例 ―

Imagine how excellent it would be if humans could live on other planets. However, I think that is just a pipe dream.

According to world famous scientist Stephen Hawking, humans will have died out by the year 3000 due to global warming. That means colonizing other planets is essential for ensuring the human race continues to exist. However, it is estimated that fully terraforming Mars would take at least 100,000 years. That corresponds to about 3,000 generations. It is too late.

Terraforming costs trillions and trillions of dollars—probably more than the entire national budget of the United States. Before humans can begin living on Mars, the Earth will go bankrupt.

For these reasons, I do not think the day will come when humans begin living on other planets. Chances are humans will end up making currently uninhabitable areas of the Earth, such as Antarctica or the Sahara desert, livable.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― ボーダー解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I think humans will live on other planets someday. I have two reasons to say so.

First, the situation on Earth is getting worse year after year. As you know, the world’s population has been increasing day by day. It is only a matter of time before the day comes when the earth will not be able to sustain the human population. We will be forced to find new planets to live on.

Second, the advancement of technology is remarkable. In fact, technology has so far achieved what we never thought possible. In the future, cutting-edge technology will make it possible for humans to relocate to other planets.

For these reasons, I think humans will live on other planets someday.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 環境保護への努力が足りない? ―

2017年10月実施 英検準1級

Agree or disagree: The Japanese government should do more to protect the environment

● Economic costs(経済的コスト)
● Endangered species(絶滅危惧種)
● Natural resources(天然資源)
● Pollution(汚染)


― 解答例 ―

We all know how important it is to protect the environment. However, I disagree with the above idea.

First of all, protecting the environment costs a huge amount of money. For example, the cost of recycling plastic waste is much higher than that of producing a new plastic. Recycling puts a financial burden on the government—that is, taxpayers.

Also, environmental protection cannot be ensured by one country alone. To reduce air pollution, the Japanese government has encouraged the purchase of green cars by offering tax credits, and as you know, hybrid cars are a common sight on the streets; all the same the air is being polluted by yellow sand carried on winds from China.

Personally speaking, money spent on environmental protection should be spent on helping the homeless become normal members of society again. The government should put saving humans from dying by the roadside before saving endangered species.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― ボーダー解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I agree that the Japanese government should do more to protect the environment. I have two reasons to say so.

First, there are still many endangered species in the country. One cause of this is that the environment of the earth is getting worse year by year. The Japanese government should speed up the pace of protecting the environment.

Second, environmental protection cannot be done by one country alone. In order to reduce pollution, it is necessary for developed countries around the world to work together. The Japanese government should have courage to talk America into returning to the Paris climate accord.

For these reasons mentioned above, I agree that the Japanese government should do more to protect the environment.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 完全なキャッシュレス社会になるべきか? ―

2017年6月実施 英検準1級

Agree or disagree: Japan should become a completely cashless society

●Effect on businesses(ビジネスへの影響)
●Effect on consumers(消費者への影響)


― 解答例 ―

Certainly, standing in long lines in front of ATMs to withdraw money is nothing but a waste of time. However, I do not agree with the statement that Japan should become a completely cashless society.

To begin with, a fully cashless society would victimize your privacy. When and where you shop and what you buy would be recorded by your bank or credit company, and through your shopping history, not only what kind of life you lead but also what kind of person you are would be revealed.

Also, electronic money exists only in computer systems. That means that if the systems are hacked and controlled by cyber criminals, you will not be able to buy even a piece of candy.

Japan is now moving towards a cashless society. I believe, however, Japan should instead aim at becoming a society where cash and electronic money coexists more efficiently and effectively.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― ボーダー解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I agree with the statement that Japan should become a completely cashless society. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First, cashless payment has a good effects on consumers. For example, they will no longer have to carry cash. It is nothing but a waste of time to stand in long line in front of ATMs to withdraw money.

Second, a cashless society can lower crime rates. The number of crimes such as pickpocketing and mugging will decrease if people do not carry cash around. A cashless society will provide us with not only convenience but also a safe living environment.

For these reasons mentioned above, I agree with the statement that Japan should become a completely cashless society.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 政府は失業者に対する支援をもっと行うべきか? ―

2017年1月実施 英検準1級

Do you think that the government should provide more support for unemployed people?

●Job training(職業訓練)
●Motivation to work(働く気力)

― 解答例 ―

I admit the government is providing some support for the unemployed, but I think there is much more it can and should do for them.

Being unemployed has a negative impact on mental health. The unemployed experience anxiety, helplessness and depression, and gradually lose motivation to work. However, they must overcome such negative feelings to find new jobs. The government should increase the number of counselors so that all unemployed job seekers can receive free psychological counseling.

Also, it is almost impossible for the unemployed to find new jobs that pay as much as their former jobs. Most of them have no choice but to get jobs that pay lower wages, ending up being caught in poverty. The government should provide financial support to such workers.

The larger the number of the desperate, the higher the rate of crime. Providing enough support for the unemployed leads to maintaining public security.(150語)

― 大意 ―





― ボーダー解答例【忙しい人向け】 ―

I think that the government should provide more support for unemployed people. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First, many of the unemployed people are said to be living in poverty. Poverty creates hate, and hate creates violence. That is to say, poverty and crimes are inseparable. Providing more support for unemployed people is necessary for us all to live in peace in society.

Second, most of the unemployed people are said not to have job skills needed by employers in workplaces. The government should focus on giving unskilled unemployed people more opportunities to get job training and increase their skills.

For these reasons mentioned above, I think that the government should provide more support for unemployed people.(120語)

― 大意 ―






― 日本企業は女性社員の待遇を改善すべきか? ―

2016年度10月実施 英検準1級

Do you think that Japanese companies need to improve their treatment of female workers?

● Child raising(子育て)
● Job opportunities(就職の機会)
● Salary(給料)
● Success of the company(会社の成功)


Admitting that many Japanese companies have improved their treatment of female workers, I think there is a lot more left to be done to fully realize a women-friendly working environment.

To begin with, earnings disparities between male and female workers should be removed as soon as possible. No organization can succeed without competent staff. Nowadays, the number of highly educated women outperforming men is increasing. To recruit really talented employees, companies should end income inequality between the sexes.

Needless to say, even the most talented female employees cannot keep working while raising children. Actually, most female workers stop working after giving birth. This is a great loss to both workers and companies. Therefore, companies that hope to make progress should retain their capable female employees through providing support in such ways as flexible work schedules.

I expect Japanese companies to make more efforts to create a more women-friendly working environment.(150語)







― 親と同居する若者は増えていくのか? ―

2016年度6月実施 英検準1級

Agree or disagree: The number of young people who live with their parents after they finish their education will increase in the future.

● Convenience(生活利便性)
● Cost of living(生活費)
● Personal freedom(個人的自由)
● Safety(安全性)


I agree with the statement that the number of young people who live with their parents will increase. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

First, living together is more economical than living separately. For example, utility bills and other expenses can be split. Nowadays, the number of young people working as non-regular employees against their will is increasing. It is hard for them to earn enough money to launch independent lives. Unless the economy picks up dramatically, more and more young people will have no choice but to live with their parents.

Second, living alone is risky, especially for women. For example, young women living alone are far more likely to be stalking victims than those living with their families. Unless the crime rate drops dramatically, young women will not choose to live alone.

For these reasons, I believe the young who live with their parents will increase.(150語)







― 小さな独立商店は現代社会で生き残れるのか? ―

2015年 12月発表 サンプル問題

Agree or disagree: Small, independent shops and businesses can survive in modern society.

● Cost(費用)
● Customer service(顧客サービス)
● The economy(景気)
● Traditional skills(伝統技能)


I agree with the idea that small, independent shops and businesses can survive in modern society. I have two reasons to support my opinion.

Certainly, the price of goods and services provided by small, independent shops is relatively high, but small shops often provide better customer services than big chain stores. For example, sales clerks in small stores are friendly and empathetic to customers, so customers can enjoy short conversations with them. There are still many people who think of communication with sales clerks as an essential part of shopping.

Also, some small, independent shops specialize in producing goods that require traditional skills of craftsmen who take pride in their work. There are actually quite a few people who come from abroad to purchase such products. Quality products made by craftsmen are essential for the sustainability of tourism in many regions.

For these reasons, I believe small businesses can survive.(150語)